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Water treatments for water gardens (All natural, safe for fish, animals and plants) exception: Ecoblast.

 How many gallons are in my water garden? To figure this out take the average length X average width X Average depth. This will give you the volume in cubic feet. Cubic feet X 7.48 = gallons in your water garden.

 These products will help in keeping your water clear and your water garden ecosystem in balance.  More importantly:  These products should not be a substitute for using natural plant materials to keep your water garden properly filtered. Studies have shown that water gardens with plant material covering 50% to 80% of the surface area greatly reduce algae growth. If you need more information about these products or would like to purchase them give us a call. The products listed below are most commonly used for maintenance on a yearly basis. We also use other products not listed for unique situations that occur less frequently. If you need help with water clarity give us a call at (920) 830-6484.

 AQUACLEARER EXTREME (dry or liquid)

Contains specific beneficial microbes and enzymes that are effective at reducing ammonia, nitrates and excess nutrients that would otherwise cause poor water quality and clarity. Think of your AquaClearer Extreme microbes as your continuous live-in pond clean-up crew.

How to use: Follow label recommendations.  Install product in front of or directly into skimmer.  At Spring startup install everyday for two weeks.  Install once a week thereafter or more often when algae becomes a noticeable problem. 


Used to control algae. Fast acting and works on contact. Breaks down debris in streams and waterfalls. Not temperature sensitive and can be used during cold temperatures. This is an Algaecide. If used sparingly and follow label recommendations it will not harm plants and animals. This is the only Algaecide we may use during routine water garden maintenance.

How to use: Unplug pumps and sprinkle lightly onto algae above water level or slightly below water level 1 or less. Let sit for 40 minutes before the pump is plugged back in. It may take up to 48 hours to notice a difference. Follow by using S.A.B. Extreme.

 S.A.B. EXTREME String Algae Buster (dry)

Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes.  Assists in the breakdown and reduction of debris in the stream, waterfalls, and pond. Works by adjusting the micro-nutrients in the water of the pond resulting in conditions that are beneficial for good water quality and clarity. 

How to use: Follow label recommendations. Use when water temperatures are above 60F. Do not add directly to pond in granular form. Fill a bucket with warm water and add 1 tablespoon of SAB for every 150 gallons of water in the pond. Stir the mixture until product is dissolved. Spread product around perimeter of pond, stream and waterfalls. Water may turn cloudy after application but will clear up. Use on a monthly basis or a follow-up to Ecoblast application. 

 EcoStarter (Liquid)

Makes tap water safe for fish and plants. Removes and detoxifies chlorine. Neutralizes ammonia. Detoxifies and chelates copper and heavy metals. Protects and repairs fish mucus membrane (slim coat). Contains Valerian to relax pond fish during clean outs and transport.

How to use: Follow label recommendations.

Pond Foam Free (Liquid)

Will eliminate foam that will often build up near waterfalls or in areas of the pond that contain fast-moving water.

How to use: Follow label recommendations.

 Barley Straw bags

Barley straw has been used for hundreds of years to promote clean clear water conditions in ponds and streams. Use 1 bag per every 1000 gallons of water in the pond. Place the bags between the filter mats located in the biological filter falls in early spring. I prefer to use barley straw bags rather than pellets because they are hidden and you only need to use them once a year.


BioBalls are used between the mats located inside the biological filter falls. BioBalls provide a textured surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. Ideal filtration media for use in all biological filter falls. Easy to clean and maintain. A good lightweight substitute for lava bags. Use a flat rock (not limestone) to keep the Bioballs from floating up in the filter. String the balls together with an appropriate sized nylon rope so that if a tear develops in the media net the balls will not float away on you.