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First in Fox Valley area to use biological falls and skimmer filtration systems. If someone says you don't need them and just throw in chemicals call us for some no nonsense educational information. 

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To appreciate your water garden at night we install underwater lighting systems.

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Seven things you must know before you install your pond!

These two pictures are from one of our most current water gardens from the 2009 season.

These two pictures are from 2007 season.

These two pictures are from 2006 season. .
Join the fastest growing trend in the landscaping industry.  All life requires water.  By adding a water feature to your property you are ecologically balancing your home environment.

Fish, Frogs, Dragonflies and numerous birds are a few of the newcomers you will attract to your home oasis.

The soothing sounds that your water garden creates will relax you after a stressful day at work.

Desertscape installs today's best water garden system on the market, keeping the pond natural looking with minimal maintenance.  We also install pond-less waterfall systems.  And Fountain Systems.

Once you understand how a naturally occurring water garden ecosystem performs you will know why it's important to use our system and why some of the myths you here about water gardens are incorrect.

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Supply Line Installation

Manufactures of water garden systems we install and maintain.

Aquascape    Aquascapedesigns.com
Easy Pro        www.easypropondproducts.com
Savio             Savio.cc
Pond Builder  Pondbuilder.com
Atlantic          Atlanticwatergardens.com