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Bark VS. Stone


This before and after photo was taken inside Maribel New Hope Cave located at Cherney Maribel Caves County park in Manitowoc County. This is a typical glacial filled passage. The Wisconsin Speleological Society and volunteers carefully removes this sediment (wall to wall and ceiling to floor) and returns the cave to its once pristine pre-glacial state. By fully removing the sediment, cave formations are protected from visitors since they are harder to reach and movements inside the cave can be monitored closely by a guide. Additionally, cave inhabitants are protected since there is more volume in the cave. Bats feel more secure since they have more air space and other cave creatures can find homes since the visitorís foot traffic is established. Contrarily, if the fill was not excavated harm would eventually be done to all. Cave formations would be lost, the cave ceiling and walls would be damaged, and moon milk would be destroyed. Without a well established trail, cave creatures would be crushed as visitors move over rocks and other sediment. Bats would be more disturbed and cave visitors not familiar with bats in close proximity will flail about causing more damage to the cave, possibly themselves and others on the tour. If you would like to see this rare gem please join us every third Sunday each month during the summer. The Wisconsin Speleological Society members give free guided tours during this time.