Q:  Why Synthetic Artificial Greens instead of Real Greens?
The cost of installing a natural putting green is expensive but not near as expensive as maintaining one. The upkeep is much more costly. Maintaining a real green requires the purchase of a precision mower, pesticides, herbicides for diseases, fertilizers and so on. Then you have to learn how to apply the correct amount of chemicals to maintain a healthy green. We have heard from many golfers that have real greens they spend more time maintaining their green than practicing on it. Installing a real green can become overwhelming for someone who just wants to practice his/her short game.
All Pro Greens are very affordable, meet any budget and are virtually maintenance free.  All that is required is debris removal such as leaves and twigs and this can be done with a leaf blower.

QCan I add contours and undulations to my green?
A Yes. You can create the contours and undulations with the sub-base material. The crushed stone is easy to manipulate and will give you the ability to create any contour you need. The green adheres directly to the surface of the sub-base and therefore adheres to the contours and undulations you build in the sub-base.

Q:  What is the difference between All Pro turf and putt-putt golf turf?
All Pro turf is specifically manufactured to simulate a golf course green. We achieve this by filling the turf with top dressing such as Black Beauty coal slag. First, the coal slag will control the speed of the green. More slag means faster ball roll, less means slower, and the fibers will not mat down over time. Second, it helps to cushion and hold the ball when chipping to the green. When properly filled, All Pro turf will provide an average Stimpmeter speed of 9 or 10. With this filling process, you can achieve the same true ball roll and holding characteristics as your favorite course green.

Q:  How long does it typically take to install a green?
Small greens such as a 12' x 30' can be installed in a day or two. Larger greens such as a 24' x 30' can be installed in two to three days.

Q:  Is installing a sand trap difficult?
No. Installing a sand trap next to your green is very easy and simple. Also, a sand trap will be another effective training aid to improve your short game.

Q:  Does All Pro Putting Greens offer any warranties?
We offer the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Q:  Will this product hold an approach shot from 100 yards or more?
Absolutely! That is why we manufacture two products. We have both half-inch turf and 1-inch turf. The true ball roll and putting characteristics are the same for both. The main reason we have the 1-inch turf is to hold shots from a distance of 15 yards or more. If you are in an area that will allow shots of 15 yards or more, you will want the 1-inch turf. For those who just have the ability to chip 15 yards or less, they will want the half-inch turf. Aside from depth, the difference between the half-inch and 1-inch is the amount of infill needed. The 1-inch requires twice as much infill for holding ability. The more infill in the green the better it will hold your approach shots

Q:  Can the effects of Mother Nature harm the green?
A:  All Pro greens hold up in the Nevada desert where temperatures reach 120 degrees and in North Canada where temperatures dip below minus 10. We manufacture our turf using a UV- treated polypropylene fiber which can withstand the damaging effects of rain, snow, and the sun.

Q:  What are the advantages of your product?
Affordable, no maintenance, easy installation, weather resistant, can be used year round, increased property value, warranty protection.

Q: How much does an putting green cost?
When all materials are bought, a 12' X 30' foot green costs about $12 per square foot of green and up.  This is comparable in cost to a premium set of golf clubs or half the price of a hot tub.